Saturday, April 27, 2013

ABC's of Death (2013)

Nine Things About the Movie The ABC’s of Death

  1. This is perhaps the most unique movie of 2013.

  1. It’s an interesting setup. 26 directors from around the world were given a letter of the alphabet. They picked a word starting with that letter, and then made a short film about that word that incorporates death. They were given complete artistic freedom to make whatever they wanted.

  1. The movie spans cultures, times, countries, and topics. Some are more conventional, and some are pretty extremely out there. Some are serious, some are funny.

  1. The movie has been criticized for being too uneven. I’m not sure that’s a legitimate criticism. We have 26 different movies by 26 different directors. Each one has its own style and technique. Now having said that, some films were definitely better than others.

  1. There are some minor masterpieces, absolute gems, sitting in this infernal alphabet. Some are burned into my mind, whether I want them there or not.

  1. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but there seems to be a thread involving toilets, poop, or farts weaving its way through the films.

  1. There were more giant penises than I expected.

  1. If there was an award for “weirdest film” in this anthology, it would definitely go to Japan. Of course. No other country is quite in touch with their inner freakiness as them.

  1. I don’t recommend this to most people - it’s pretty violent, bizarre, and it goes to bad places that no mainstream film would ever consider.  But for those with more... unusual tastes, this can be a good time.