Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lucy [USA, 2014]

Nine Things About the Movie Lucy

1. This movie is equal parts style and stupidity. It’s fun to watch, but it requires you to power down your brain. Which is ironic, given the subject of the movie.

2. It’s based on the urban legend that humans only use 10% of their brains. Of course, that’s not true, but it doesn’t stop writer-director Luc Besson from using it as the main idea. Besson proves once again that he’s better at action than storytelling.

3. It’s about a young woman named Lucy who accidentally gets forced into being a mule for a synthetic superdrug. When she gets beaten, the drug leaks into her system, it boosts her brainpower, and she becomes magical.

4. The movie is pretty interesting and suspenseful for the first half-hour. Then Lucy becomes indestructible, so all the intensity leaks away. There’s nothing to do except watch Scarlett Johansson kick ass. And apparently the smartest, most god-like woman in the world still likes wearing sexy high heels all the time.

5. The movie makes less and less sense the farther in you get. There are more plot holes in the script than there are neurons in the brain. But it looks cooler and cooler, so there’s that. The ending of the movie is both trippy and ridiculous. Everything comes so unhinged that you have to just roll with it..

6. Morgan Freeman, who is excellent at narrating real science shows on TV, had to be wincing as he said some of his lines, which were so stupid that no brain scientist would ever actually even think them.

7. Every now and then, the movie tries to sneak in a bit of real philosophy. But it’s surrounded by so much lunacy that any actual wisdom the movie tries to impart is quickly lost - or contradicted.

8. Scarlett Johansson absolutely makes the movie. She’s in almost every scene, and she single-handedly holds the movie together with the force of her own personality.

9. I predict this movie will become a new weed classic.  Watching it stoned will increase the film’s trippiness, and make you think the movie is actually deep, which will spark many memorable conversations.