Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trouble Every Day (France, 2001)

      Nine Things About the Movie Trouble Every Day

1. Finally, we get a film that dares to explore the question we all have: How do you handle it when you marry someone who happens to be a cannibal?

2. This movie is advertised as an erotic horror film, and is associated with the New French Extremity movement. It does definitely mix the erotic with the horrible, in pretty intimate ways.

3. It starts out with a guy named Leo that keeps having to go find his wife Core, who continually wanders off to have sex with strange men, killing them, and start chewing on their faces.

4. After awhile, we meet Shane and June, an American couple flying to France. Shane is trying to find Leo to ask for help with some mysterious ailment that, among other things, makes him afraid to have sex with June.

5. Given the lurid plot, it's weird that the movie is more like a series of moving paintings than an actual film. It's slow, and beautifully shot, but kind of aimless. Not a whole lot really happens in the movie.

6. This movie does have the distinction of containing two of the most traumatic and horrifying sex scenes I've ever witnessed. I actually did the classic "gasp and cover my mouth with my hand" move.

7. It was directed by Claire Denis. She usually makes movies with a historical or political theme. So this is kind of a departure for her.

8. I'm not sure if the movie is supposed to be a metaphor for bad relationships, the horrors of sex, the hungers of love, the cannibalization of modern society, an existential statement about freedom and bondage, or if it really is literally about people who love people who eat people.

9. This is small art film for a small audience with an open mind and a strong stomach. A dedicated cult following will watch this multiple times. A large number of others will move on, feeling both bored and repulsed at the same time.