Monday, March 16, 2015

Clown (USA, 2014)

Nine Things About the Movie Clown

1. In 2010, a couple of friends, Jon Watts and Christopher Ford, made a fake movie trailer about a guy that turns into a killer clown. The trailer said it was directed by Eli Roth (known for Cabin Fever and the Hostel movies).

2. Eli Roth saw the fake trailer, loved it, and decided to put up the money for the two friends to actually make the movie.

3. Even though it's an American movie, it has only been released in Europe, and is already on DVD there.

4. The plot of the movie is simple and direct - a father finds a strange clown suit and puts it on for his son's birthday party, calling himself  Dummo. But after the party he discovers that he can't take the costume off. After a little detective work he discovers that clowns are a modern representation of an old European demon... and there's only one way he can clear himself of his troubles.

5. The movie starts out kind of silly, but as the father's problem gets worse, it gets really serious and grim.

6. The movie follows basic horror conventions and doesn't go to much trouble explaining why certain things happen - you just go with it. The movie is too absurd to be really scary, but it's also too bizarre to be funny. It exists in a unique place among horror movies.

7. When it comes to scary clowns, Dummo is up there with Pennywise. And the doll from Poltergeist, of course.

8. People that are really coulrophobic (which means "afraid of clowns") should probably not watch this movie. People that are sensitive about seeing children in danger should also probably not watch this movie.

9. Even though it's not super scary, this is a creepy movie with some genuinely unsettling scenes. If you go into this movie with no expectations, this is a gutsy and fairly impressive little gem.