Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dracula Untold (USA, 2014)

Nine Things About the Movie "Dracula Untold" (USA, 2014)

1. This is yet another version of Dracula, that gets yet another origin story. But it’s pretty decent, if you know what you’re getting.

2.This is not your regular blood-sucking movie. This Dracula takes the semi-historical Vlad the Impaler route. Vlad is a prince who grew up captured and fighting for his enemies, the Turks.

3. Now back at home and ruling Transylvania, Vlad is threatened once again by the Turks. In order to save his people, he finds an ancient master vampire living in a Transylvanian mountain.

4. Vlad accepts a deal from the vampire, and begins his descent into darkness.

5. Vlad/Dracula is not evil in this movie, though he is an antihero. He is a physically and mentally traumatized man that feels a sociopathic duty to protect his people.

6. If you look at it right, this version of Dracula can be seen as a metaphor for war veterans with PTSD, trying (and ultimately failing) to keep their inner demons at bay.

7. A few characters from the original story make appearances in this movie; Mina appears briefly, and Vlad’s gypsy servant Shkelgim is clearly the Renfield character.

8. The movie’s atmosphere and cinematography are great. There are a few scenes that are absolutely, gorgeously gothic.

9. The movie touches on some deeper issues, but never explores them. So in the end, there’s nothing about this movie that makes it particularly memorable. You watch it, then you go on with your life. But as an entertaining dark fantasy adventure, this is worth a look.