Sunday, May 4, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2 (USA, 2014)

Nine Things about the Movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2

1. I liked this movie more than I thought I would. It’s thoughtful, character-driven, and is perhaps the most human superhero movie I’ve seen. They changed a few things from the “official” Spider-man mythology, so of course, Marvel purist fans that can’t handle change will howl.

2. The movie has a lot of storylines going at the same time - Peter being Spider-man; Peter’s conflicted relationship with his girlfriend; the mystery of Peter’s father and his secret project; the introduction of Harry Osborne on his way to becoming the Green Goblin; and the creation of Electro. This makes the movie seem a little rushed sometimes (there is even a scene in the official trailer that would have added another subplot, but it doesn't appear in the actual movie).

3. The acting in this movie is awesome, particularly for a superhero movie. Almost everyone really nails their character, especially Andrew Garfield. He made Peter a real, confused, normal young man with a lot of issues.

4. Jamie Foxx is great as the mentally unstable electrical engineer that turns into electricity or whatever. From the trailer, I thought he would suck, but he turned out to be one of the best villains in this Spider-man world, because they gave him a really empathetic backstory.

5. The action scenes are great. The whole movie is beautiful to watch, and there are some really cool 3D parts. Especially the Electro scenes.

6. For a movie that is almost 2½ hours long, there are relatively few action sequences. There is a bigger focus on character development and drama. While some people may find it boring, I thought it was refreshing and interesting.

7. I usually hate romantic subplots, but the story of Peter and Gwen worked for me. They had real chemistry, and they made me actually feel for them.

8. The only thing I really hated about the movie is Spider-man’s stupid little jokes and one-liners. They really pulled me out of the movie. I mean, can’t we have a super-hero that isn’t a cheesy smart-ass when he talks to bad guys?

9. The movie is ostensibly about hope (it gets hammered into us repeatedly). But below the surface, the movie is really about abandonment, betrayal, helplessness, and coming to terms with the fact that you can’t save everyone, no matter how superheroic you may be.