Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Bunny Game [USA, 2012]

Nine Things about the Movie The Bunny Game

1. This is the feel-bad movie of the year. Maybe of the decade.

2. Filmed entirely in black and white, this movie is partly art film, partly torture porn, partly regular porn, and partly industrial music video. It’s nothing more or less than a depiction of the total destruction of a young woman.

3. The movie starts out depressing as we meet a miserable, empty, homeless prostitute with a drug habit. She feels dead inside and goes through humiliating sexual experiences so that she can pay for her next fix. She meets a trucker and they share cocaine (this is the happiest part of the whole movie). Then the trucker knocks her out and chains her to the back of his trailer. After that, the movie is not depressing anymore… it’s worse. The rest of the movie documents the way the trucker tortures and terrorizes the prostitute in nightmarish, horrifying ways. Well, except for a few breaks when we witness flashbacks of the trucker as he terrorizes, tortures and kills a different girl.

4. The movie should come with a trigger warning - people who have been in extremely abusive situations should probably not watch it.

5. This movie is banned in Britain because of the way the subject matter is handled.

6. The performances of the two main characters are amazing; they are the most talented new actors I’ve seen in a long time. Rodleen Getsic stars as the prostitute. She also helped write the script. Jeff Renfro plays the trucker, and he is one of the most disturbing (and disturbed) villains ever put on screen.

7. As bizarre and vile as the film is, it is also oddly compelling. I wanted to turn the movie off, but I couldn’t, because it’s so stylish that it kind of hypnotized me. I admire the strength of the vision of the filmmakers. It is artistic, brave, creative, and repulsive.

8. The ending of the film is deliberately vague - all you know is how the experience psychologically nuked the young woman.

9. This movie is a fundamental piece of transgressive cinema, and it burned scenes in my mind that will never go away. Most people don’t need to come anywhere near this movie. It’s strictly for people who want to witness the far reaches of human cruelty.

This trailer is not remotely safe for viewing at work, in public, or even at all, really. 
You have been warned.