Monday, July 14, 2014

Zeitgeist: The Movie [USA, 2007]

Nine Things about the Movie Zeitgeist: The Movie

1. The full name of this film is “Zeitgeist: The Movie”.
     It should have been named “Zeitgeist: The Bullshit”.

2. The first of a trilogy of movies by Peter Joseph, this is supposed to be a documentary, but it’s really an excellent example of agitprop. For those that don’t know what agitprop is, it comes from the words “agitation” and “propaganda”. Which means it’s mostly made up, but gets you all upset and hyped and makes you want to do something about the made-up issues.

3. The movie is divided into three, mostly separate, parts. The first part explains how Christianity is just pieced together from other religions, and is a “historical fraud”. There are some true elements in this part, but it way overreaches and goes too far with its ideas. Much of it is based on the writings of Acharya S., a crackpot mystic and conspiracy theorist with no professional training.

4. The second part of the movie is about how the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy, an inside job, as claimed by the “9/11 Truth Movement”, a group of wackos, hoaxers, and idiots.
Every single thing in this part of the movie has been debunked over and over and over. There is not one single conspiracy claim in this part of the movie that is true.

5. Interestingly, the director of the movie, Peter Joseph, has now distanced himself from the second part of the movie and is not claiming a conspiracy/cover up anymore.

6. The third part of the movie is the old “the world is run by a secret society who wants to make us all slaves” routine. This has been recycled many times. In this movie, it’s the bankers that run the world. But in other versions it’s aliens, devil worshipers, or the Illuminati. But it’s all the same conspiracy.

7. The movie is fast-paced, with quick edits, ominous music, and weird visuals, all designed to make you feel uncomfortable. Then the news clips, quotes, and interviews are taken out of context or from random crazy people who have no knowledge of physics, engineering, history, or common sense. It throws a lot at you without giving you time to really think and analyze what they are saying. You just get the general impression that we’re all doomed. The movie doesn’t cite its sources, and they don’t even attempt to get all sides of the story.

8. This movie is paranoia porn. It’s goofy, confusing, and self-contradictory (and it randomly throws in some New-Age spiritual scenes about Love conquering Evil). There are entire websites devoted to showing this whole movie is a lie. And they’re not hard to find.

9. It’s obvious that people that think this crap is real don’t watch actual news or keep up with current events.

Besides, if even half of the stuff in this movie was true, the filmmakers would have been killed and the movie would have disappeared.