Saturday, June 7, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow (USA, 2014)

Nine Things about the Movie Edge of Tomorrow

1. This movie is basically the "Groundhog Day" of alien-invasion films.

2. Tom Cruise gives a strong performance as Cage, a craven military officer forced into battle against a supremely powerful alien species that had been dominating Earth for the past five years.

3. When Cage is killed in battle, he mysteriously respawns the day before. He must figure out what's going on, and how it's involved with a living battle legend, Rita Vratasky (played by Emily Blunt).

4. The acting is solid all around - Tom Cruise can still pull off a movie when he wants to (and he still does his own stunts). Emily Blunt is great as the bitterly fierce war icon.

5. The aliens are genuinely creative and threatening. The action scenes are gorgeous and well choreographed.

6. The filmmakers do a good job of moving the story forward, but you do need to have some patience as the characters go through some scenes repeatedly as a result of the time loop. And speaking of the time loop, don't focus too hard on why the time travel is happening - you just have to accept their explanations and go with it

7. The movie was clearly influenced by other space military movies, especially "Starship Troopers" and "Aliens". Bill Paxton is even in it.

8. The battle suits were based on actual designs of powered exoskeletons being developed by different companies.

9. This is one of those rare creatures - a blockbuster with brains. Although there are a few problems with the story, the movie as a whole is a clever, interesting science fiction action film.