Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (USA, 2006)

Nine Things about the Movie “Slaughtered Vomit Dolls” [USA, 2006]

1. This vile, experimental film is the first of a trilogy.
98% of people don’t need to see this movie. They don’t even need to know that it exists.
1% of the population will be turned on by it, which probably means they need to seek psychiatric help.
1% of the population may be able to distance themselves from the content of the film and look at it from a cinematic and cultural perspective.

2. There isn't really a plot. I think it's about a cute little girl that grows up and becomes a pretty young woman. Then she becomes a prostitute that dedicates her life to Satan. Then she becomes bulimic. Or something.

3. The visuals and audio are distorted and upsetting. Jump cuts and strobes seem deliberately intended to cause seizures. Dialogue is slowed way down or played in reverse.

4. There are scenes of people being slaughtered and dismembered. We see one extended sequence where a woman’s eyeballs are slowly dug out of her head.

5. Between the scenes of torture and killing, we get to see people puke. Not fake movie vomit. They make themselves actually vomit onscreen.

6. In another scene, a woman gets her arm cut off and then she is handed a guitar, like she is supposed to play it.

7. The movie gets more unpleasant from there.

8. At first I thought the movie was just pretentious. But as I kept watching, unable to make myself turn it off, I realized that it passes way beyond pretentious. For such an obviously low budget, the movie has an undeniable, if shockingly ugly, power.

9. This is transgressive cinema at its peak. It seems determined to assault your psyche until your mind either recoils in instinctive, visceral disgust, or else breaks through to a zen-like place where it can emotionlessly witness the horrors that humanity can dream of.