Sunday, December 29, 2013

Escape From Tomorrow (USA, 2013)

Nine Things about Escape From Tomorrow

1. This is a weird little surreal comedy psychological thriller that became an instant cult classic. It’s about a family’s vacation at Disney World, and how sinister things begin to happen to the father.

2. Director Randy Moore knew he wouldn't get permission to actually film in Disney World, because Disney would never allow something like this to get made. So Moore did the next best thing - he snuck cameras into Disney World and filmed it anyway.

3. In one interpretation, it’s about how “the happiest place on Earth” triggers a psychosexual breakdown of the dad while he follows a couple of underage girls through the rides.

4. In another interpretation, the dad catches a bizarre form of “cat flu” and hallucinates while he’s dying and the park covers it up.

5. Or maybe it’s about how the dad stumbles onto the fact that the princess characters in the park are high-priced hookers, there is a secret robot base underneath Epcot Center, and his grade-school daughter almost becomes a sex slave.

6. Whichever interpretation you go with, it’s not a positive portrayal of Disney. The film was made in secret guerrilla-style at Disney World without their permission or approval.

7. There are long, rather boring parts of the film. Half of it is basically just the family wandering around the theme park and going on rides.

8. But it does slowly build the paranoia, and there are several surreal and chilling moments that pretty much guarantee you won’t look at Disney the same way ever again. In some ways, this movie is similar to weird daydreams I would have when I was at the park. It's just too happy to be real. Or healthy.

9. Everybody assumed that Disney would sue the hell out of the filmmakers, but the director made sure to never actually violate any copyrights. Disney eventually decided to just keep quiet about it, so that it didn't get any more publicity than it already had.