Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Frozen (USA, 2013)

Nine Things about Frozen

1. Kind of based on the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, this Disney film is a funny, charming throwback to their classic musicals of decades ago.

2. I can already see it being adapted into a Broadway musical.

3. As a technical accomplishment, this movie is a masterpiece.

4. The art direction is perhaps the most gorgeous of the year, and the animation is stunningly realized and detailed. The 3D effects are wonderful.

5. The number “Let it Go” is on my Top 10 movie scenes of the year.

6. It’s a good thing the movie is so much fun to watch, because the story is kind of thin.

7. It’s about a princess that somehow has magical ice powers. She gets upset and accidentally freezes the entire kingdom. Her sister tries to talk her down.

8. Since it is a Disney musical, it is partly about True Love.

9. Thankfully, the movie does make the point that True Love doesn’t spring into your heart out of nowhere. The main character, Anna, keeps getting mocked for wanting to marry the prince she just met. It’s about time we started teaching kids that lesson.