Friday, January 31, 2014

Driller Killer (USA, 1979)

Nine Things about the Film The Driller Killer

1. This movie is about a New York artist named Reno who can’t handle the daily pressures of life and has strange visions.

2. When Reno sees a commercial for a portable battery pack, he buys one and uses a power drill to kill homeless people and relieve his stress.

3. This movie is interesting mostly for historical purposes. It’s the first movie that underground director Abel Ferrara directed, and he also stars in it. Also, it serves as a bridge between the early 70’s slasher films like “Halloween” and the 80’s interest in gore.

4. It’s super low-budget, with terrible acting and a terrible script. And random lesbian scenes.

5. But it also has a genuine punk rock sensibility that really works in its favor. It’s an early, grungy, punk version of “American Psycho”.

6. As a horror film, it’s pretty boring. There’s a lot of talking, and even more scenes of rock bands playing and rehearsing. Perhaps the movie’s biggest value is in it’s depiction of the late 1970’s New York punk scene.

7. While mild by today’s standards, the kill scenes are more brutal than I was expecting.

8. The movie was officially banned in Britain until 2002.

9. People who are interested in the evolution of the American horror film need to see this. Otherwise, there’s not much point to it.