Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jug Face [USA, 2013]

Nine Things About the Movie Jug Face

1. This strange and macabre little film is hard to classify. I guess it would technically be called a horror film, but it’s also a domestic drama. It really stuck with me, even after it was over.

2. The movie is really low-budget, and the acting is uneven. But it’s a tight, well-paced, atmospheric indie film.

3. It’s about a small group of backwoods families. They are ignorant, abusive, incestuous rednecks that live off of moonshine and roadkill.

4. They also worship some ancient thing that lives in a pit in the forest. It needs sacrifices.

5. One family member is a mentally slow young man that gets messages from the pit about who is to be sacrificed next. A girl discovers she’s been chosen, and tries to get out of it.

6. The pit isn’t happy with the girl’s refusal, and starts retaliating against the families.

7. This could have been a really cheesy movie – it’s hard to explain the story with a straight face. But the script is very well done; it dares to play the story straight and you just go with it.

8. There is not a lot of violence, so when it does happen, it grabs your attention.

9. This movie could be considered a commentary on blind devotion, cults, and religion. Or else it could just be a warning to stay away from families that live in the woods.