Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolution [USA, 2013]

Nine Things About the Movie Resolution

1. I didn't know much about this film before I watched it, I just knew that it was getting good reviews as an indie thriller.

2. This is one of those "polarizing" movies that you will either really like or really not like. I really didn't like it.

3. It's about a guy, Mike, that goes to visit Chris, his crack-addicted best friend, who is staying out in the country. Mike handcuffs Chris in his cabin and vows to stay with him for a week until he can get off the crack.

4. While they are staying in the house, they are visited by a bunch of random characters that live in the area. They also start getting even more random clues that some strange being is watching them and filming them. They slowly discover they are in real danger.

5. I appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to do. But it doesn't work. Characters float in for a scene and then are never seen again. Instead of being mysterious, the movie is disconnected and nonsensical.

6. The directors admit that they have no direct experience with crack addiction or withdrawal. They just Googled it. This is extremely obvious. Chris the crack addict doesn't really seem to be very uncomfortable in his withdrawal. It's the worst portrayal of a drug addict I've ever seen. He is really just the comic relief in the film.

7. The crack withdrawal plot really has nothing to do with the real story. The directors added it to the script to give it "structure". Which means they needed to make it longer. This is a decent 30-minute film that was artificially stretched to last 90 minutes, so the whole point of the movie drowns in it's own "mysteriousness".

8. In what should have been the most suspenseful scene towards the end, the two guys suddenly take a break to discuss their friendship and how awesome each other is.

9. The ending is one of the dumbest and most frustrating endings in recent memory.