Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Here Comes The Devil [Mexico, 2013]

Nine Things About the Movie Here Comes the Devil
1. This Mexican horror film could have been really good. But I ended up being pretty disappointed with it.

2. Unfortunately, this movie doesn't know what it wants to be - a serial killer movie, a demonic possession movie, a psychological thriller, or "Paranormal Activity" (I mean, can we stop with the levitating-above-the-bed thing?).

3. It starts out with a lesbian sex scene that has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. Then one of the lesbians gets her fingers cut off. A few minutes later, a mom has sex with her husband in a car while her kids disappear.

4. When the kids come back, they're acting all weird. Like they have either been molested, or possessed. The parents try to solve the problem by taking the matter into their own hands. It doesn't work.

5. There are little clues all the way through to hint at what's going on. The problem is, the clues don't make any sense, either.

6. You know the old horror movie truism that if you have sex, you get killed? This movie teaches something similar, except the lesson is that if a woman enjoys sex, she will either be mutilated or put she will put her children in mortal danger.

7. On the plus side, it does dare to take on subjects that American movies won't. Like middle-school siblings having sex with each other.

8. It's got a nice film style, and some individual scenes are chilling. It just doesn't add up to anything, because it doesn't even know where it's heading.

9. I have no idea what the ending means.