Friday, January 31, 2014

You're Next [USA, 2013]

Nine Things about the Film You’re Next

1. This is a quirky little horror comedy. There’s not much to it, but it’s fun.

2. It’s about a group of killers that invade a family reunion and start picking off the people one by one.

3. It’s really low-budget. I think most of the money was spent on the blood and gore effects. It certainly wasn’t spent on actors or the script.

4. It was filmed in four weeks, during nights, at a mansion in Columbia, Missouri.

5. Even with the low budget and amateur feel, it has an energy that is missing from a lot of Hollywood movies.

6. The plot doesn’t make much sense. There would have been easier ways to accomplish what the killers are trying to do.

7. In a refreshing change of pace, it’s a woman that has the brains and ability to lead the fight against the killers, not a man.

8. There are some nifty and fun kill scenes. It gets pretty bloody, what with all the blades and bludgeoning.

9. The kill scenes get goofier and goofier as the movie goes on. Can we please stop using blenders as weapons?